Tips for Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Tips for Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Posted by Rosemont Dental Center on Mar 8 2023, 01:17 AM

Dental fear can affect people of all ages. It can range from mild anxiety to extreme dread. Some adults avoid going to the dentist altogether, which can lead to serious oral health problems. Dental fear is more common than you may think. Studies show that 75% of Americans have some degree of dental fear. Dental fear can be caused by a variety of factors, including a bad past experience, fear of pain, embarrassment, or feeling out of control.

Talk To Your Dentist About Your Fears

When facing any medical procedure, fear is a common emotion felt by most patients. Dentists understand this and are ready to discuss your fears with you. They understand how patients feel and will do their best to make you comfortable throughout your appointment.

Talk to your dentist about any fears you have regarding your dental treatments. If your dentist seems rushed or uninterested in your anxiety, you may want to seek out a different provider. If your dental team is compassionate and understanding of your fears and anxieties, this shows that they are committed to ensuring your comfort during treatment.

Once your dentist is aware of your worries, they will be better able to work with you to make them go away. In some cases, sedation dentistry may be recommended in order to make you less anxious during your treatment. Sedation dentistry is the use of medication that can reduce anxiety and help a patient relax during a procedure.

Agree On A Signal

It is important to agree on a signal, so your dentist knows when you need a break or to stop a procedure. Many dentists use a hand motion to indicate to their patients that they need a break or to stop the treatment. Ask your dental care team what hand motions they use and come to an agreement on the perfect signal for you. If noise bothers you during a procedure, bring earplugs and a music player with you so you can distract yourself during the treatment.

Take A Friend Or Family Member With You For Emotional Support

If you are anxious or afraid of visiting your dentist’s office for any reason, bring a loved one along with you to your appointment for support. This person can help distract you from the treatment and even hold your hand to help you stay calm and steady during the procedure. They can also discuss your concerns with the dentist if needed. This can help reduce your anxiety and stress.

Bring Distractions To Occupy Your Mind During Procedures

Bringing a distraction, such as a book or music, will help occupy your mind and lessen the anxiety felt during a procedure. While your treatment is taking place, focus your thoughts on that topic instead of thinking about the discomfort of the treatment itself. Your mind is a powerful tool; it will help you overcome any fear. If you give yourself the right thoughts, you will be able to conquer those fears.

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