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Had an emergency root canal done today, and have to say hands down Dr. Askari is the best dentist and will never go anywhere else. The anxiety I felt going to the dentist today quickly faded when this sweet, funny man didn't even hurt me with the numbing/or the procedure itself. His bedside manner was outstanding as I remember giggling several times during my root canal. If you're looking for a great dentist, I think you can stop looking here!!!
- Julie F.

To say that I am not a fan of going to the dentist is an understatement. For the past 7 years my daughter has been in if his patients. Going routinely for care she was my bird dog! After every appointment she said "Mom is ok you should go really they are not going to hurt you". So I first went for cleaning. It was easy, professionally done with x-Rays. The X-Rays discovered a little work that needed to be done. So Dr. A explained the worm that needed to be done and I agreed to the next appointment. To my amazement it was totally PAIN FREE with no anxiety whatso ever. Dr. A and his professional team has be in and out of there on time, pain free and affordable! You simply can't ask for more. If you or any member of your famy are seeking an experienced dentist I strongly recommend Dr. A. You won't be disappointed! Signed a happy new client!
- Peg N.

One of the most important things about a dentist to me is "bedside manner" and a non-judgmental dentist who wont scold you for your cavities! After all, that's why you are at the dentist, right? That is why I go to see Dr. Askari. He greets people with a friendly voice and has a great attitude, a sunny disposition, he explains everything really well, and actually listens to his patients. What's more is that he actually goes above and beyond to put you at ease and answer your questions.

During my first visit I explained that I am very sensitive to numbing medication and wanted the numbing medication without norepinephrine in it. Dr. Askari listened to my request (while other dentists had not) and my mouth was numbed perfectly without the numbing going down my throat or up the side of my face as I had experienced at other dentists. I had no pain, and no discomfort during my procedure. Dr. Askari put me at ease and worked quickly and efficiently on my teeth.

As long as I am living in Frederick, I would never pick another dentist because I don't think you can do any better! The staff and hygienists were also very friendly and efficient. I've seen Dr. Askari for years and I've never had a poor experience there. When we lived outside of Frederick I had visited other dentists, and I must say that my experience was much different. When we moved back to Frederick I was glad to be back at Rosemont Dental, that's for sure!
- Libby K.

Dr. Askari and his team all have great senses of humor and professionalism to make the appointment as easy and productive as possible. Highly recommended!
- Mason N.

This is where everyone should go for family dental issues. Dr. Askari is very kind and thorough. Not only does he listen to your concerns but his staff makes it a point to ask you if you have any questions, concerns etc. They all work to put you at ease, I cannot recommend this dental center enough.
- Anonymous

I like the feel of a small office. A staff that recognizes you and the continuity of having one dentist that really knows your situation. I like that my family and I are not just a number. The staff was incredibly kind and very accommodating. I would highly recommend their office.
- mel871

Hands down the best and most honest dental office I have ever had the pleasure of going to.It is sad that it took me until this point in my life (I am 45 years old) to find a good quality dentist who really cares.Even my children like going,the hygienist is wonderful especially with children.Dr.Askari and his staff have been there for me when I was in pain and just for a cleaning but no matter what always treated me like family.Highly recommend them!!!
- Anonymous

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