Improve Your Smile for Senior Pictures

If you are in high school, it is time to plan your look for your senior graduation pictures. These are the photos that will remain in your school yearbook and be viewed by you and your friends for decades. Your smile will be the first thing people will notice in your senior pictures, so improve your smile by visiting your dentist as soon as possible.

At Rosemont Dental in Frederick, MD, we can examine and discuss in detail the various aspects of your smile. If you have uneven space between your teeth or are crooked, stained, or misshapen, we can fix them. There are several ways we can address these aesthetic issues, including:

Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is one of the most economical ways to improve your smile. Professional teeth whitening techniques can whiten your teeth eight shades brighter than the previous shade. The results are instant and can be done before any important social events. It can be highly beneficial, especially when you are getting ready for your senior pictures.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin composite shells usually placed on the surface of the teeth to fix cosmetic dental problems such as unequal tooth alignment, exceedingly worn-down tooth enamel, discoloration or staining of the tooth, and space between teeth. It is an advanced cosmetic procedure and is also used to correct chipped and cracked teeth. 

Veneers are usually custom-made at our dental office to fit the outer surface of your teeth and made to look like the original tooth enamel. Since several appointments are required for this procedure, it is recommended to schedule an appointment well ahead of your senior picture-taking. This way, not only will your smile be flawless, but you will also have time to get used to your veneers before posing in front of the camera.

Dental Bonding

If you have to get ready for your senior pictures, the quickest way to enhance the appearance of your smile is through dental bonding. It is a non-invasive procedure and can be completed in one appointment. If you have gaps, tooth decay, or misalignments that mar your teeth’s look and keep you from smiling or meeting people, dental bonding can help fix these concerns. This bonding process helps reverse the teeth’s imperfections and gives you a flawless smile. 

At Rosemont Dental in Frederick, MD, we can improve your smile in time for your senior pictures. We will customize your treatment to better meet your needs and schedule. You can reach us at (301) 663-114 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Askari.


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