The benefits of smiling and laughing more

The benefits of smiling and laughing more

Posted by ROSEMONT DENTAL CENTER on Apr 26 2021, 12:09 PM

Smiling adds volumes to your overall appearance. The elevation it can bring to your facial aesthetics is extraordinary, which is why people always greet one another with a warm and welcoming smile. But for one to smile confidently, they must have an aesthetically pleasing set of teeth and surrounding gum tissues. Our specially curated cosmetic dental solutions help with this and allow you to sport an attractive and compliment-drawing smile.

Here’s why smiling is given so much importance:

  • Better mood

Most of us will put on a gloomy face if we’re upset or in a seemingly bad mood. The last thing you would want to do is smile or laugh. But did you know that faking a smile can actually lighten your mood and make you feel better naturally? It’s true! Smiling prompts the brain to release the feel-good hormones, which reduce your stress and allow you to relax. So, the next time you feel low, try forcing a smile on yourself, or even better, a full-blown laugh.

  • Smiling makes you more approachable

Smiling can send across vibes to people around you that you are a more approachable person. Individuals who are generally in a happy mood smile more often than not when they interact with people. In most cases, your smile can act contagious and bring about a smile on other people’s faces as well. Sharing smiles can also help you bond better, thus improving relationships.

  • Better productivity

This may sound ridiculous, but it’s true. When you smile, your mood improves, courtesy of the hormones released by the body. This can help you relax and focus better on whatever work you are doing. It helps improve your productivity, and the better you perform, the happier you would feel. In a way, you enter into a positive cycle by bringing a smile to your face.

  • Better physical health

Laughing brings into the picture the abdominal muscles. More importantly, it releases the feel-good hormones, or better known as endorphins. These chemical agents help to alleviate pain and also improve your body’s natural immunity. Impressively enough, studies have shown that smiling and laughing significantly reduce your chances of developing heart conditions by preventing the buildup of cholesterol. This also reduces blood pressure.

Do you wish for a more pleasing smile? Please reach out to our expert dental team at Dentist in Frederick MD, Rosemont Dental Center by calling us at (301)663-1144, and we’ll help you get the smile you’ve always been dreaming of.


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