Emergency Dentistry Services for a Fractured Tooth During COVID-19

Emergency Dentistry Services for a Fractured Tooth During COVID-19

Posted by ROSEMONT DENTAL CENTER on Jul 7 2021, 10:41 AM

Emergency dentistry services are required in case of a fractured tooth which can cause damage to its inner chambers. A fracture could be caused by trauma from sports, an accident, biting on hard foods, or bruxism (grinding of teeth). 

To reduce the risk of coronavirus infection to dentists and their patients, many dentists have restricted their services to only emergency dentistry. Oral health practitioners these days are using various video conferencing tools to diagnose their patients and assist them in determining if they require emergency dental care.

Call During Emergencies 

In case of an accident or whenever you break a tooth, your dentist is a call away, ready and willing to help you. During the uncertain days of the COVID-19 pandemic, your oral health still matters. Do not hesitate to call your dentist and book an appointment if you break a tooth. The dentist will consider your wellness seriously and will do everything to limit your exposure to the virus. So, get relief from your dental problem today.

Common Treatments Done to Fix Your Fractured Teeth 

There are a number of ways to treat a fractured tooth. The procedure that your dentist would recommend depends on the tooth’s position and location, as well as the severity of the fracture. Some of the common treatments done to fix your fractured teeth are:

Composite Bonding

This is a simple way of attending to your fractured tooth and it is normally used for fixing mild to moderate fractures. In this procedure, the damaged tooth is given a covering made of composite resin. Its color is matched with the rest of your teeth. This composite material is shaped as needed before it is hardened with a curing light. This procedure doesn’t require any long-term alterations on your tooth, just an etching solution applied to roughen the tooth. Afterward, the patient can cover the fracture with a restoration like a crown if required.

Dental Crowns

This is used for moderate to severe fractures. The damaged tooth is prepared for the crown by removing its enamel from all its sides. Shaping the tooth creates a proper fit for the crown. The crown is customized by using an impression of their teeth. The crown also protects teeth from breaking loose and it also protects during biting and chewing.

Root Canal 

This procedure is performed to save severely fractured teeth with compromised pulp chambers. A hole is drilled into the tooth and files are used to remove the blood vessels and nerve. This further protects the tooth from getting an infection. The procedure is completed when the tooth is sealed and then it can be covered with a crown.

Extraction or Removal of Tooth 

This is the last option when a tooth is severely damaged from a fracture. The dentist decides on surgery or extraction depending on how much tooth is left. An extraction is an oral surgery and takes around two weeks for total recovery. An extracted tooth is generally replaced with an implant.

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