Dental Health Consequences of Vaping and Smoking

Dental Health Consequences of Vaping and Smoking

Posted by ROSEMONT DENTAL CENTER on Dec 29 2020, 07:22 AM

Smoking and vaping have negative consequences on teeth as well as the overall physical health. They have dreadful effects on the health of the lungs, heart, blood cells, and immune system. The nicotine in cigarettes is also known to promote the growth of tumors and cancers such as lung cancer, breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, and pancreatic cancer.

Smoking and Oral Health

The effects of smoking - be it with cigarettes or e-cigarettes - are similar. Take a look at the common consequences of smoking on oral health:

  • Teeth Discoloration:The nicotine and tar contained in cigarettes cause stains on the teeth. Teeth begin to turn yellow very early on and brown after many years of heavy smoking.
  • Dryness, Plaque, and Tooth Decay: Smoking also increases the buildup of plaque and tar due to the dryness of the mouth. Bacteria dwell in dry mouths that have reduced saliva production, leading to increased plaque, bacteria, and ultimately tooth decay.
  • Gum Disease: The nicotine in cigarettes causes swelling and inflammation of gums that then leads to gum disease and periodontal issues. Since smoking reduces oxygen supply in the bloodstream, it leads to gum disease that escalates quicker than it does in non-smokers.
  • Tooth Loss: A number of factors, including tooth decay, weakening of gums, and loss of jaw bone, gradually results in tooth loss.
  • Inflammation of Salivary Glands: Excessive smoking also causes the salivary glands on the roof of the mouth to become inflamed.
  • Lower Success Rate of Dental Procedures: Since the overall oral health is affected, dental procedures including tooth extraction, oral surgery, and periodontal treatment take longer to heal, and dental implant procedures tend to have a lower success rate.
  • Cancer: Smoking can cause fatal lung and throat cancer as well as mouth cancer leading to thousands of deaths every year.

People who smoke need to make it a hard-and-fast rule to visit the dentist regularly, as often as the overseeing dentist recommends. This way, teeth discoloration, decay, gum disease, and the like can be prevented with effective treatments as much as possible. Dentists may also recommend special toothpaste and mouthwashes to maintain good oral hygiene and maintain good breath, at least for the short-term.

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