Teeth Whitening in Frederick MD

Teeth Whitening in Frederick MD

Teeth are one of the first features people notice about your appearance, so everybody needs a healthy and bright smile.

Tooth whitening treatments revitalize teeth, improve tooth health, and are long-lasting. The whitening of teeth will also help reverse the effects of aging on teeth and can help improve your self-confidence. Enhancing your smile not only enhances the aesthetics of teeth but can also be beneficial to your oral health.

What Are the Reasons for the Teeth' Discoloration?

The tooth's enamel, which mirrors the natural color of your tooth, can stain, or dentin, which is the inner layer, can get discolored due to its porous nature and give the yellow color of the teeth. There are several reasons for tooth discoloration. Though some of the sources of discoloration can be avoided, there are some which are beyond our control. The causes of discoloration and stains include:

  • As a person grows older, the tooth's enamel can get thinner, exposing the inner dentin layer. This dentin layer can easily get stained when it comes in contact with specific food colors. 
  • Frequent drinking of tea, coffee, and wine could be a leading cause of teeth stains.
  • Smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco can stain the teeth.
  • Specific medications can be a reason for tooth stains and discoloration.
  • Excess fluoride content in water can bring about the yellowness of the teeth. 

What Are the Different Tooth Whitening Options?

  • In-Office Whitening
In-Office Whitening also referred to as Chairside bleaching, is usually performed in a dental office. After meticulously cleaning the teeth, our dentist Dr. Askari will protect your lips and gums by applying a protective gel. Then a bleaching solution, usually hydrogen peroxide, is smeared on the teeth and left for a specific duration and then removed. The competence of the whitening effects may be boosted with the help of a special light. If required, the whitening gel may be applied a few times more till the desired result is achieved.
  • At-Home Whitening
This type of whitening is done at home. Our dental team will fabricate a custom-made tray for you, which can be used at home. Dr. Askari and the team will give proper directions on wearing the trays containing the bleaching agent and for what length of time. This method can be chosen if you have sensitive teeth or feel more comfortable getting the procedure done at home. However, the process is slow and may take a few weeks to show their whitening effects.
  • Laser Whitening
Laser whitening is one of the most advanced whitening procedures. The gel used in this procedure is photosensitive and has to be activated using laser light. The gel releases oxygen molecules upon activation and speeds up the process. Laser whitening will be the best option, if you have time constraints and want quick results.
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