Root Canals

Root Canals

A root canal cavity is present in every tooth and houses the dental pulp, i.e., nerves and blood vessels. It is protected by the layers of dentin and enamel. The dental pulp could sometimes get infected by the microbes in the mouth, such as when the tooth develops a large cavity, sustains damage in the form of chipping or cracks, etc.

What are the symptoms of root canal infection?

  • When the dental pulp gets infected, the tooth tends to get discolored due to the decayed tissues inside.
  • There would be severe pain and discomfort when you bite or chew food, brush the teeth, or touch the tooth.
  • The gums near the infected tooth could discharge pus or bleed. They become dull or red due to the decaying tissues.
  • The jawbone underneath could deteriorate. Due to this, the tooth could loosen from its socket and eventually fall off if left untreated.

How is a root canal infection treated?

Getting a root canal infection treated during the early stages itself is crucial in preserving the tooth and avoiding complications. When you visit our dental practice to get root canal therapy, we will take scans and x-rays of the infected tooth to understand the severity of the invasion by the microbes. It helps us understand and develop a suitable treatment plan.

The tooth will be isolated from the rest by placing a rubber dam on it. A small hole will be made on the tooth, and the infected pulp will be removed using dental files of varying sizes. A jet of water will be used to wash away the removed microbes and debris. A small amount of antibiotic medication will be placed in the cavity, and the hole will be covered using suitable filling material. Since the tooth would be weaker due to the absence of the dental pulp, it could easily sustain damage when you bite food or take a hard blow to the mouth. Hence, we recommend placing a ceramic crown on it to keep it from sustaining a broken tooth.

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