Kids Dentist

Kids Dentist

Children love eating sugary foods such as chocolate, candy, pastries, gummy bears, etc. While this makes them happy, these sugary foods can harm their teeth and can lead to cavities. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that their teeth are taken care of well so that they don't develop oral infections in the future. Pediatric dentistry comes to the rescue when you want to protect your child's teeth well and prevent the occurrence of cavities. Pediatric dentists are dedicated to treat oral infections in children and educate their parents about taking care of their child's oral health. Consult our pediatric dentist, and you wouldn't have to worry about your child developing cavities, malocclusion, or any other oral infection.

What do pediatric dentists do?

Brushing and flossing guide:Brushing and flossing gets rid of most of the microbes from the oral cavity and allows it to be fresher for a long time. Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles for your child so that it doesn't harm their gums. A toothpaste rich in fluoride should be chosen as it helps in cavity prevention.

Regular oral cleanings: When the accumulation of plaque and tartar continues for a long time, cavities would be inevitable. Hence, we recommend getting these microbial deposits removed at regular intervals. A dental consultation once every six months would be necessary.

Orthodontic treatment: Malocclusion is a huge letdown and can keep your child feeling conscious of their smile. We provide comprehensive treatment to malocclusion in the most gentle way. Conventional metal braces are the most common way of treating malocclusion. However, if you prefer a more aesthetic option, you can choose clear braces or Invisalign.

Cavity prevention: Cavities are most often caused due to the accumulated plaque and tartar on the teeth surfaces. They contain thousands of microbes that release harmful acids while feeding on the food debris and sugary content left in the mouth. These acids erode the enamel and cause cavities. Hence, we would educate you about the steps you should take to prevent this. A specific diet that your child should follow may also be recommended.

Fillings: Cavities can house numerous bacteria, which promote the growth of the decay and lead to a root canal infection. This can put the entire tooth at risk and seriously upset one's oral health. Hence, it is best to get a filling to cover it. We offer tooth-colored composite fillings that go unnoticed. This way, your child wouldn't have to hide their smile in front of their friends.

Fluoride treatment:Fluoride, much like calcium, is an essential mineral present in the teeth, which helps to prevent decay. When the required amount of fluoride isn't supplied to the body through the water we drink and the toothpaste we use, a fluoride treatment replenishes this amount.

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