Family Dentist in Frederick MD

Family Dentist in Frederick MD

Family dentistry is a specific area of dental care that aims to provide a wide range of services to people of all age groups. Dr. Askari had received extensive education and training before he started the dental practice.  

The decision to visit a family dentist allows you to benefit from their experience and comprehensive services that concentrate on preventing and treating the most common dental problems that could affect an individual.

What Are The Principal Advantages of Having A Family Dentist? 

  • Proper Care for the Entire Family
At Rosemont Dental, Dr. Askari has vast experience in providing care to both children and adults. The team is well experienced in treating dental issues of old age, adults, and young kids of around three years of age. Older children and adults can have regular check-ups and cleanings once in six months. This enables a family dentist to identify problems before they become too severe and provide the necessary care.
  • Develop a Relationship with Your Dentist
Dental worries and nervousness often develop when a person does not feel at ease with their dentist. Family dentistry permits you to continue to see the same dentist throughout your life,  which helps make  you feel more relaxed during your exams and treatments.
  • Preventative Oral Care
If dental problems are diagnosed in the initial stages, significant issues such as tooth loss can be averted. At Rosemont Dental, we offer preventative oral care services based on comprehensive exams of your oral cavity. They ensure the cleaning of your teeth and help remove the plaque and tartar that may otherwise lead to decay and gum disease. 
  • Identify and Treat Gum Disease
Gum disease is another common problem that can affect children as well as adults. During your visits, your dentist will check the health of your gums and look for any indications of gum disease such as redness, bleeding, and deepening pockets around your teeth that trap bacteria. Treatments for gum disease may involve special teeth cleaning procedures and medications.
  • Restore Lost or Damaged Teeth
Tooth loss is another dental health problem that a family dentist can treat. Missing teeth will not only be a cosmetic issue but can also affect the alignment of the teeth. A person may experience difficulty in eating and speaking when a tooth is lost. Maintaining your oral hygiene becomes more challenging if you have a lost or broken tooth. Based on your mouth structure, gum health, and the condition of your other teeth, your family dentist will develop a personalized plan for tooth replacement. Dentures, bridges, and dental implants are a few alternatives that your family dentist can offer for restoring your teeth.
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