Family Dentist

Family Dentist

A family dentist treats all members of a family for most of the common dental concerns. Family dentistry is a long-term relationship between patients and the dentist, during which you and your family members visit the dentist for all dental concerns, including routine consultations. They are trained to provide treatment to all types of oral conditions, making them quite versatile.

Who is a general dentist?

A general dentist is a dental care provider who diagnoses and treats all the common dental concerns, both cosmetic and restorative. Some of the conventional treatments offered by general dentists are oral cleanings, including gum disease treatment, teeth whitening, placing restorations such as crowns, veneers, bridges, implants, composite bonding, and attending to emergency dental concerns. In all likelihood, your family dentist will be a general dentist too, as they address all your oral conditions.

What services does a family dentist offer?

Oral cleaning:Oral cleaning includes scaling and root planing, which is performed using ultrasonic scaling appliances. The adhered plaque and tartar are removed, which helps to improve oral health and reduces the chance of developing cavities and gum diseases.

Fillings:Cavities are caused due to the erosion of the enamel by the toxic substances discharged by the microbes. They decay the underlying layers of the teeth and could eventually cause a root canal infection if left untreated. Hence, getting such teeth restored using dental fillings is the best way to keep cavities from growing bigger and deeper.

Restorations: Oral restorations such as crowns, veneers, composite bonding, etc., are used to restore the teeth to their ideal contour and functionality. Most restorations are made from dental-grade ceramic, which is often the go-to material to fabricate them. They can be customized to mimic the appearance of the natural teeth perfectly, thereby keeping them under disguise.

Replacing missing teeth:Missing teeth can cause many inconveniences and lead to a lot of embarrassment when you socialize with people. Missing teeth can be restored using prosthetic restorations such as dental bridges, implants, or dentures to give you a complete smile.

Apart from this, we also offer routine consultations and other standard dental services.

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