What Should I Do About My Damaged Dentures?

Dentures are delicate objects that are designed for years of use. Unlike natural teeth, they can get easily damaged and the users will find themselves in need of denture repair at some point. They are not as durable because they are made from metal or acrylic. When these materials are worn in the mouth for long periods, they eventually weaken, degrade, and possibly break. Besides that, the dentures also suffer from daily wear and tear, cleaning, and handling. 

At Rosemont Dental in Frederick, MD, we can examine your dentures, decide if repairs are needed, and get to work on bringing these prosthetic teeth back to a functional condition.

Can’t I Repair My Dentures Myself?

A person may know how to take care of their dentures but may not know about denture repair. Your dentures can break in various ways, but not all of them need emergency care. For instance, chipping or staining may need attention, but these may not be emergencies. On the other hand, if they are completely cracked, broken, or are missing a tooth, then you might need to have it fixed as soon as possible as an emergency case.

What Should I Do When My Dentures Get Damaged?

Here are a few instructions to follow in case your dentures are broken:

  • Do Not Despair or Panic 

In most instances, it is possible to repair your denture, so don’t panic. 

  • Don’t Try to Fix it Yourself 

Although our first thought is to find a quick solution and try to fix it on our own, this can cause further harm to your dentures.

  •  Don’t Use Super Glue 

It will make matters even worse as you might attach broken pieces incorrectly. But even if you do manage to fix the parts correctly, super glue will hold them together only temporarily. It will be challenging to repair your dentures if they break again. The breaking line should be clear and free of any foreign materials. Otherwise, it will be impossible to attach them correctly, and a new denture might be the only solution left. 

  • Don’t Throw the Broken Pieces

It might still be possible to use the broken pieces during repair as the spare parts may not resemble the original ones. 

  • Don’t Use Hazardous Objects

Objects like fake nails, white paint, or other plastic should not replace a missing or a broken tooth. These might harm your health and cause mouth allergies and burns. 

  • Don’t Continue Wearing a Broken Denture 

When you apply pressure on a broken denture while eating, the crack could expand and the denture could break in two, which could be much harder to fix. ​

If your dentures need to be fixed, call Rosemont Dental in Frederick, MD, at (301) 663-114 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Askari.


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