Why do dental implants cost so much?

Why do dental implants cost so much?

Posted by Rosemont Dental on Mar 17 2021, 09:04 AM

Have you been considering dental implants to get your missing teeth restored but holding back due to their expensive pricing? In this case, the questions that could be lingering around in your mind may be why implants cost so much, and why are they significantly more expensive than their alternatives? Here’s a brief read that would help you understand this.

  • Dental implantation is a complex procedure. 

Placing a dental implant is a relatively meticulous and tedious process. The entire procedure would be spanned over several months, as it requires a sufficient healing period. During this, the jawbone would grow around the implant stud’s grooves and fuse with it to provide the required stability. It also includes multiple consultations with the dentist and at least two surgeries to place the implant and the ceramic crown. This would directly incur higher fees for the dental experts’ time, which would be your dentist and other professionals working on your case.

  • Do you need a jawbone graft

The jawbone could deteriorate when you have a natural tooth extracted, as a small amount of bone tissue would be removed during this. If the extracted tooth isn’t restored, the jawbone could deteriorate further and result in the loosening of the teeth from their sockets. In this case, we would not be able to place dental implants in the jawbone due to insufficient volume, as the implant could become unstable. In such instances, the dentist would suggest a jawbone graft, where healthy bone tissues are extracted from a different source and grafted to the receded area. Once the newly grafted tissues fuse with the existing ones, the implantation procedure can be conducted.

Extensive screening

The procedure for dental implantation would require extensive screening, as they are permanent restorations. The dentist begins by taking an x-ray of the mouth, which gives us a good understanding of the jawbone shape, size, placement of the adjoining teeth and if it has deteriorated. Also, we would conduct an overall diagnosis of your health condition, oral health, take digital scans, check for existing dental restorations, etc.

Premium materials used

Since dental implants are built to last for a long duration, we only use premium materials to fabricate them. The implant stud would be made from highly strong and durable metal, such as titanium, to offer the required strength and stability. The tooth-like crown would be fabricated from dental-grade ceramic, which is a tooth-colored material that offers excellent resistance to wear and can be shaped precisely as required.

In some instances, additional procedures would be required to give you the best restoration that would last for many years with little to no trouble at all.


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