What Does PPE as per CDC Guidance Involve for Rosemont Dental Care?

What Does PPE as per CDC Guidance Involve for Rosemont Dental Care?

Posted by ROSEMONT DENTAL CENTER on Aug 18 2021, 10:37 AM

The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) according to CDC guidance has the primary goal of protecting the dental care professionals and patients of Rosemont Dental Care from being infected by viruses and germs. The CDC guideline deals with the selection and use of PPEs as well as wearing, using, or removing PPE kits. 

About PPE as per CDC Guidance

According to the CDC guidance, dentists should wear their PPE before meeting the patients. The PPE is specifically designed for the protection of both the dental professionals and patients from direct contact and corruption from the possible presence of viruses and germs around the dental office.

After using the PPE, it has to be taken and disposed of carefully along with the respirators outside the treatment room. Dentists are advised to perform proper hand hygiene after removing the PPE as per CDC guidance.  

The Sequence of Wearing and Removing PPE

It is stated in the PPE CDC guidelines that dental professionals have to wear gowns before wearing masks or respirators. After that, they were advised to wear protective eyewear or face shields, and then gloves. It is essential to follow every protocol for PPE as per CDC guidance.

The PPE has to be removed in order. The dental professionals have to remove the gloves, followed by protective eyewear and face shields. Then, they have to remove the gowns and respiratory and masks carefully. The removal of the PPE should be done close to the doorway instead of doing it outside. However, respirators are to be removed outside the treatment room after closing the door properly. Next, you have to look for hand hygiene facilities like the sink with hand hygiene products or alcohol-based hand sanitizers immediately.

Using the PPE as per CDC Guidance

Using a PPE is considered an essential part of standard infection control precautions. According to standard precautions, saliva, bodily fluids, and blood from any patient are considered infectious. Thus, using a PPE as per CDC guidance is crucial to avoid transmission in dental and medical settings.

The usage of PPE depends upon the nature of interactions between the patients and the dental professionals. Also, the procedure that is likely to generate spatter, aerosols, fluids secretion, or excretion need PPE as per CDC guidance. It includes gowns, protective eyewear, shield, masks, and gloves.

Outer protective clothing protects dental professionals from skin or cloth contamination. Hence along with gloves, masks, gowns, or protective eyewear, they also require clothing that includes smocks, lab coats, aprons, gowns, and clinical jackets.

Furthermore, it is stated that PPE clothes are insusceptible to fluids but are not necessarily fluid-proof. The two basic types of clothing are generally disposable and reusable and should be changed if they get contaminated at the end of the day.

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