June 17th Is National Teeth Whitening Day. Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

June 17th Is National Teeth Whitening Day. Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

Posted by ROSEMONT DENTAL CENTER on Jun 17 2022, 03:28 AM

Teeth whitening is a process that removes stains and discoloration from the teeth. This cosmetic procedure can lighten your teeth by up to five shades.

The most common reason why people whiten their teeth is to look younger. Stains, discoloration, and aging can make a person look years older than they actually are. Whitening your teeth makes them look bright and healthy, in turn making you look younger. Whiter teeth can also help boost your confidence.

What Can Stain Your Teeth?

There are many things that can stain your teeth, but the most common culprits are:

  • Foods and drinks like coffee, tea, red wine, etc.
  • Tobacco
  • Poor dental hygiene - inadequate brushing or flossing
  • Any trauma, illness, or disease that affects enamel. 
  • Medications like high blood pressure medicines, chemotherapy, antihistamines, and some antipsychotic pills. 

Teeth Whitening Options

There are several types of teeth whitening options available.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

This method of teeth whitening is the fastest and most effective. The whitening treatment takes place in the dentist’s office and takes about 15 to 30 minutes. The treatment involves the use of a special whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide that is applied to your teeth. The dentist applies this gel to your teeth and then uses a special light to help activate the whitening gel. After keeping the gel on the teeth for a specified time, it is rinsed off. The procedure is repeated till the desired shade of teeth are achieved. 

At-Home Teeth Whitening

Though this method of teeth whitening may take a few days to show its results, some patients prefer this method because it can be performed in the comfort of their own home. The whitening kit involves the use of a whitening gel and mouth trays. The gel is applied in trays that can be worn over your teeth. You put the trays over your teeth and leave the gel on your teeth for a certain amount of time.

Over-the-Counter Teeth Whiteners

There are several over-the-counter whitening options available for purchase. These options often contain whitening gels and strips that can be purchased without a prescription. Be careful when buying whitening products over-the-counter as some products can be harmful to your teeth.

Stain-Removal Products

You may be able to remove some stains on your teeth with whitening toothpaste or teeth-whitening chewing gum. These whitening products are not as powerful as professional teeth-whitening products, but they can remove stains and contribute to your whitening efforts.

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