Common myths about dental implants

Common myths about dental implants

Posted by ROSEMONT DENTAL CENTER on Jan 1 2021, 09:56 AM

Dental implants are the most sought-after solution to replace missing teeth and are often the first suggestion made by dentists all around the world. Though they are the best, strongest, and most long-lasting solution for missing teeth, a few misconceptions about implants usually linger around in patients' minds. Here's a brief read about dental implants and common misconceptions about them that would help you get a better idea about dental implantation.

Dental implants are easily noticeable.

As far as ceramic dental restorations go, dental implants are as good as any. Although they are composed of a metal implant stud and a ceramic crown, the metal stud stays underneath the gum line. This would keep it completely hidden, and the only visible part would be the crown. The crown can be customized as required to mimic the exact color, size, contour, and aesthetic features, making it absolutely indistinguishable from the adjoining natural teeth.

  • The implantation procedure is painful.

Patient comfort and convenience are two things we do not compromise on. The implantation procedure would require surgery to be performed. Before commencing the surgery, we will thoroughly monitor your vitals and administer local anesthesia. This helps to numb the teeth, gums, underlying jawbone, and surrounding oral tissues, thus preventing pain and discomfort. After the procedure, we will prescribe suitable pain-relieving medication for the next few days.

  • They require a long healing period.

With implants, a healing period of two to six months would be required, during which the bone fuses with the implant stud. This may seem a lot of time, but it is just a matter of perception. Patients who have had a displeasing smile due to a missing tooth for many years would not mind this recovery period. Moreover, the implant would last upwards of 15 years without any hassle, making them worth the wait.

  • There is a significant health risk with implants.

Dental implants have been around for over 40 years now and have an exceptional success rate of over 95 per-cent. This is due to the detailed screening process that we adhere to, which helps us understand your candidacy for implants. If any treatment procedures are required prior to starting the surgery, such as bone graft, we will discuss it with you. During the entire treatment process, we will thoroughly monitor your health condition, which almost completely eliminates the risks involved.

  • Caring for implants is a task.

This is absolutely untrue. Caring for implants is as easy as maintaining optimum oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly. It would be advisable not to eat hard foods, such as nuts, candies, ice cubes, etc., as they can damage the implants. Even better, the implant would not sustain cavities, as it doesn't have any organic material such as enamel, dental pulp, etc. Also, dental-grade ceramic is highly resistant to staining, making it look as good as new for many years.

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